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A PC/Mac/iPad simulation/strategy game about being a nobody aboard a massive space station where everyone is obsessed with social networking. It's up to you to make friends and climb the career ladder to your victory!

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About The Tiniest Shark

The Tiniest Shark is a tiny developer of independent videogames, based in the UK. That is, Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris is the (currently) one-woman development team, with the shark as her tiny mascot. The tiniest of mascots, in fact.

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Thinking In Play Symposium: Visual Design & Modding Passage

As you may have seen through various press reporting, the inimitable Jason Rohrer’s work has been exhibited at the Davis Museum at Wellesley College for the past couple of months, culminating in a reception and a symposium around his work, entitled “Thinking in Play”. I was invited, along with the wonderful Leigh Alexander (who joined remotely) to be on a panel specifically about the visual design of Jason’s work. The day then followed with subsequent panels featuring Robin Hunicke and others reflecting on the game mechanics of his work.

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I realise I haven’t updated once again, but that is because, at the beginning of last week, this happened: After a long and eventful journey of far too many years, yet containing far more adventures than I’d anticipated, I’ve finally submitted my PhD thesis! A huge relief. Now, to just await the snake fight.

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My GDC 2015 Talk – Thinking About People: Designing Games for Social Simulation

This is a quick write-up of the notes from my GDC 2015 design-track talk, Thinking About People: Designing Games for Social Simulation.

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